Your new future starts now.

My goal is to empower you to gain control of your finances and give you the knowledge and resources to turn your dreams into reality. Regardless of your current circumstances and what you’ve been through in the past, there can still be options available to you moving forward, and you can achieve a brighter future.

Empowering women to finance brighter futures

Regardless of your current circumstances and what you’ve been through in the past, there can still be options available to you moving forward, and you can achieve a brighter future.

“If you’ve got knowledge, you’ve got power, you’re in control.”

Home Loans

Don’t just apply or take any old loan you can get your hands on. I’ll do the leg work to ensure you get the best home loan (or refinance) option that suits your current circumstances, saves money where possible and puts you in the strongest financial position moving forward.

Investment Loans

Borrowing for investments is a slightly different process and loan type to a regular home loan. I can help you navigate the lending needs and ensure you’re set up with the right structure so that you can get the best possible returns for your investment.

Construction Loans

Borrowing to build or renovate sees your loan draw down in instalments to meet your project milestones and builder’s payment schedule. I can help you understand the process to apply for and utilise your construction loan and the best lending set up for once the project is complete.

Car Loans

You get excited picking out your new ride, and I can run the numbers on the finance options to save you time, research and effort. Generally, I can save you a considerable amount in fees and repayments compared to ‘off-the-shelf’ finance from car yards.


I’m Cass

I’m your Mortgage Coach and founder of Fab Femme Finance. 

I am passionate about educating women, making sense of the options, and changing mindsets around money so they can achieve all their lending goals. I am particularly passionate about supporting women who are rebuilding their lives post-divorce, being widowed or after leaving a violent or controlling relationship. In an already emotional time, having a support network to illuminate the pathway forward can make a huge difference. Through Fab Femme Finance I hope to create and be a part of that support network where women can help women achieve more. 

I work with my clients to help them understand their financials, and put in place plans to then help them achieve their goals. Throughout this process I remove the jargon and overwhelm, and explain things clearly to ensure people feel comfortable and confident.

I’m often described as a strategic solution finder. I thrive on a challenge and love to help people achieve their goals who previously thought they had no options. My desire is to make a real impact on people’s lives and to help them realise there is a light at the end of the tunnel, there is a way forward, even if they’ve been struggling financially.

Why Choose Your Mortgage Coach?

My goal is simple, to help you achieve yours. 

Making big financial decisions doesn’t have to be daunting when you’ve got an expert on your team guiding you, explaining options clearly, negotiating on your behalf, doing the legwork and helping you move forward with confidence.

With access to more than 30 lenders, and options outside the standard banking institutions, I can match you with finance offers that you simply couldn’t access via your local bank manager.

I was introduced to Cass after my marriage broke down. I had approached a few banks, but they didn’t seem very interested in helping me get a loan. Single Mum, self-employed etc.

Cass coached me through the whole process of refinancing my property in my name. She helped me understand what the bank would be looking for, so I was clear on what I needed to prove and work towards those goals. Cass was there the whole time coaching me, cheering me on and negotiating with the bank on my behalf.

I can’t thank you enough Cass. You have made a big difference to my life and my future.

- Kerry Schultz

Amazing experience with Cass at Your Mortgage Coach … helped us with our home, vehicles and business ventures. Couldn't have asked for a more genuine and carefree experience.

- James Hayes

Cass was amazing at getting two loans in place for us in the midst of a pandemic. Her advice ended up saving us an incredible amount on our home loan and we even got a nice rebate from the lender. She worked hard and always kept us up to date as to where the application was at. We would highly recommend Cass for any finance requirements. We will be using her services again soon.

- Matt & Katrina

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