Welcome UnitingCare Team Members!

As a proud partner of the UnitingCare family of service providers, I am dedicated to supporting you with all your home loan, investment loan and other lending needs.

With an in-depth understanding of your employment arrangements, vast experience and specialist lenders suited to your, I can provide a stress-free service that sees you achieve your finance goals.

Offering after hours appointments either in person or via phone or video chat, I can work with what’s convenient for your schedule.

Plus, as an employee in the UnitingCare group you get the perks!

For every loan I process, the UnitingCare employee gets a $200 Visa card. This is paid per loan, not per person. So, if you purchase a house and a car that’s $400 in Visa vouchers!

And, even better, $100 goes back to the employer towards staff benefits program. This might contribute to the Christmas party or social club or to your charity partner.

Home Loans

Don’t just apply or take any old loan you can get your hands on. I’ll do the leg work to ensure you get the best home loan (or refinance) option that suits your current circumstances, saves money where possible and puts you in the strongest financial position moving forward.

Investment Loans

Borrowing for investments is a slightly different process and loan type to a regular home loan. I can help you navigate the lending needs and ensure you’re set up with the right structure so that you can get the best possible returns for your investment. 

Construction Loans

Borrowing to build or renovate sees your loan draw down in instalments to meet your project milestones and builder’s payment schedule. I can help you understand the process to apply for and utilise your construction loan and the best lending set up for once the project is complete.

Car Loans

You get excited picking out your new ride, and I can run the numbers on the finance options to save you time, research and effort. Generally, I can save you a considerable amount in fees and repayments compared to ‘off-the-shelf’ finance from car yards.

How can I help?

I understand how important Doctors and Nurses are to the health industry, so I have specific lenders that support you awesome people, by offering flexible loan options…just for you!

For example; some lenders will waive the LMI (Lenders Mortgage Insurance) for Doctors with only 10% deposit. Based on a loan of $675,000 this could save you over $27,000.

In addition, some lenders will allow 100% of overtime and shift allowances to be used toward servicing for Nurses. This can increase their borrowing capacity significantly. Traditionally most lenders only allow 80% of overtime or shift allowances to be used toward servicing

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