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Let me help you move forward with confidence.

This is the part of most broker or finance websites where lots of lending jargon gets thrown your way and I know that it can either be overwhelming or cause your eyes to glaze over. So, I’m not going to do that to you.

Instead let me explain the journey of how we can work together and what I can do for you so you can see how easy it can be to get finance with Your Mortgage Coach and how much more at ease you will feel.

The Process

15 Minute Phone Call

A quick chat helps me to understand where you’re at and what you want to do and achieve (from a new home, to a flash new set of wheels!)


Homework Time!

I help you gather essential information and assess what prep work is required before we approach lenders

Explore the Options

I research your options, considering structures and strategies and deal with all the technical finance things


Compare and Contrast

I compare the finance offers to check fees and rates, assessing the pros and cons of each, and negotiate discount options with major lenders on your behalf


Time to Choose

After selecting a lender together, I’ll let you know what they need to process your application. This is made easy by using secure technology to capture most of the info

Saving you Money

I take a look at other banking structures to support your financial situation, and help you save money.


Paperwork and Applications

Once we’ve gathered all we need, I manage the paperwork and applications for you, even working with your builders and conveyancers for you


Guidance and Support

Throughout the process, I give you guidance and insight, answering any questions you have so that you feel comfortable and confident

You might be thinking, that all sounds great Cass, but that’s probably just the easy process for standard 9-5 workers. I think my situation is a bit unusual and might be too tricky to fit your processes.

I wouldn’t bet on it just yet!

My specialty is helping people with the ‘unusual cases’. If you’re self-employed, have a less than spotless credit history, don’t have up-to-date financials or perhaps you’re even looking at a project that the banks consider a bit risky, let me take a look before your dreams are ruled out.

It’s worth your while talking with a mortgage broker like me because if you go straight to the bank and get declined because you don’t fit the parameters, your credit score might be impacted. I can help you work out your financial strategy to make sure your income (and business if applicable) can support the requirements of the loans that you want to apply for, before any lenders look at your books.  If it doesn’t stack up yet, then I can help you plan to get to where you need to be in order to borrow and achieve more.

In a number of cases I’ve found that my clients have been able to drastically increase their borrowing capacity by effectively reducing their current bad debts. I have access to strategic debt solutions that won’t impact your credit score.

Home Loans & Refinancing

Consider me a part of your home-buyer team working to get you the best finance option that supports your goals now and sets you up for a positive future.

Beyond getting you a loan approval, I believe it’s extremely important and valuable for me to help you understand:

  • How to negotiate on a property
  • How to structure your loan most efficiently
  • How to pay off your loan quickly
  • Offering clients access to property reporting like RP Data
  • What terms you need to have in the contract. e.g. finance clause, building and pest clause
  • How long should the settlement be
  • Why you need a lawyer and what they do
  • Why you need pre-approval
  • Why an offset account could be beneficial

I can track down the right loan to suit you and your individual needs.

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Investment Loans

You invest to make money, so don’t waste precious dollars in fees, high rates or on the wrong loan type. With access to more than 30 lenders, and finance products tailored specifically to investors, I can help you borrow to receive a great return.

Working with me, you can secure the right loan and structure, AND understand why these things are so important to your bottom line and long-term planning:

  • Up to 10 years interest only repayments
  • Borrow up to 110% for your investment if secured with additional property
  • Competitive interest rates available
  • Free RP Data property reports available
  • Ability to get auction ready with a proper pre-approval
  • SMSF home or commercial loans

For one client, considering and comparing all the facets of finance saved him over $70,000!

I was introduced to Cass after my marriage broke down. I had approached a few banks, but they didn’t seem very interested in helping me get a loan. Single Mum, self-employed etc.

Cass coached me through the whole process of refinancing my property in my name. She helped me understand what the bank would be looking for, so I was clear on what I needed to prove and work towards those goals. Cass was there the whole time coaching me, cheering me on and negotiating with the bank on my behalf.

I can’t thank you enough Cass. You have made a big difference to my life and my future.

- Kerry Schultz

Amazing experience with Cass at Your Mortgage Coach … helped us with our home, vehicles and business ventures. Couldn't have asked for a more genuine and carefree experience.

- James Hayes

Cass was amazing at getting two loans in place for us in the midst of a pandemic. Her advice ended up saving us an incredible amount on our home loan and we even got a nice rebate from the lender. She worked hard and always kept us up to date as to where the application was at. We would highly recommend Cass for any finance requirements. We will be using her services again soon.

- Matt & Katrina

Construction Loans

When building, you need a different type of loan to a standard home or investment purchase. The same process applies if your dream home starts out as a renovator’s delight. I can map out the funding plan to finance your dream home.

Construction loans are generally drawn down in stages, reflecting the build milestones:

  • Deposit
  • Base Stage
  • Frame Stage
  • Enclosed Stage
  • Fixing Stage (roof)
  • Practical Completion (lock up)

My process will make sure your loan reflects our builder’s timeframes. Then, when your home or renovation is complete, I will ensure you’ve got the right structure in place for the loan moving forward, saving you time, money and frustrations.

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Car Loans

Whether it’s a Ferrari or a Fiat, a Mazda or a Maserati, a Hyundai or a Hummer, I can help you find the right loan to get you in a new set of wheels while saving money and stress.

While you compare the features of your vehicle, I will:

  • Compare the finance options (making sure you’re aware of all fees, rates and conditions)
  • Have access to – and strong knowledge of – a huge range of lenders
  • Give you competitive choices, so you can make an informed and stress-free decision

All too often I see people get so caught up in the excitement of their new car that they don’t even consider alternative finance options to the dealer product. More often than not I save clients considerable amounts of money across the life of their loan by negotiating better interest rates and cutting hidden fees.

Oh! And there is no added pressure from the salesperson at the car yard!

Got any Questions?

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